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In 1967 Fairfield Communities Inc. started a resort community from a vision by 3 men: George Jacobus, Neil Simonson and C. Randolph Warner.

On April 15, 1970 the Fairfield Bay Community Club was formed by Fairfield Communities Inc. and they became the governing body until July 29, 1993 when the City of Fairfield Bay was formed to help provide additional funds through state turnback and city sales tax.

On November 6, 1993 the first officials of Fairfield Bay were elected and on November 12, 1993 they were sworn into office.

The community is currently operated under two forms of management. The City of Fairfield Bay provides: Police, Fire, 911 Call Center, Building and Code Enforcement, Animal Control and operates the Senior Center and the Conference Center.

The Fairfield Bay Community Club provides public works, wastewater and the wonderful amenities that are in our community.

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City Ordinances
Passed Ordinances 2022
2022-01 Sign OrdinanceRead More
2022-02 Issurance of Bond RefundingRead More
2022-03 Part-time employement by staff memberRead More
2022-04 Amendment to 2022 Budget SheetRead More
2022-04 Amendment to the 2022 Budget OrdinanceRead More
2022-05 Delivery of Alcoholic BeveragesRead More
2022-06 2021 Budget AmendmentRead More
2022-07 2022 Budget for Public Facility BoardRead More
2022-08 Eagle Bank Loan for Conference Center RepairsRead More
2022-09 Nabholz Construction ContractRead More
2022-10 Policy for reimbursement of Hotel, Motel and MileageRead More
2022-11 Policy for reimbursement of mealsRead More
2022-12 Approval of Loan with Eagle Bank- updated with language request from Eagle BankRead More
2022-13 Redrawing of Municipal Ward BoundariesRead More
2022-14 Temp. Suspension of Special Use Permits for Short Term RentalsRead More
2022-15 Engine Compression BrakingRead More
2022-16 Extending the temporary suspension of STR permitsRead More
2022-17 Energy Code UpdateRead More
2022-18 Plumbing Code UpdateRead More
2022-19 Mechanical Code UpdateRead More
2022-20 Electrical Code UpdateRead More
2022-21 Fire Code UpdateRead More
2022-22 STR Revised OrdinanceRead More
2022-23 Close Out Emergency Relief Acct.Read More
2022-24numbernot used due to clerical errorRead More
2022-25 vacatingRoad(Lakewind Dr.)Read More
2022-26 wave competitive bidding for vehiclesRead More
2022-27 Close Regions Bank Acct for A&PRead More
2022-28 Open New Bank Account for A&P at EagleRead More
2022-29 Maintenace of Real PropertyRead More
2022-30 Financing of Purchase and Refurb of Ladder TruckRead More
2022-31 Rezone of 15334 Hwy 16ERead More
2022-32 Rezone 106 Shadow Ridge CourtRead More
2022-33 Rezone 107 Lakewind CourtRead More
2022-34 Rezone Lots 142,143,144,145,146 and 147Read More
2022-35 Rezone Lot 30 Block 7 Indian Hills SubdivisionRead More
2022-36 Ordinance for the 2023 BudgetRead More
2022-37 Snow RouteRead More
2022-38 Rezoning of 139 Haverhill RoadRead More
2022-39 Police Pay for Comp Time and Vacation TimeRead More
2022-40 Award Retiring Police Chief and Assistant Chief Duty WeaponsRead More
2022-41 Close Rescue Checking and Money Market AccountsRead More
2022-42 Transfer Rescue Checking and Money Market to Fire Department Money MarketRead More
2022-43 Amend the 2023 Street BudgetRead More
2022-44 Authorizing the destruction and disposition of Mayor's signature stampRead More
Passed Ordinances 2023
2023-01, Amending the 2022 Budget, Appropriating Funds, Declaring an EmergecnyRead More
2023-02, Re-zone Real PropertyRead More
2023-03, Amending Title 6, Animals and Fowls, Dogs and CatsRead More
Ordinance 2023-04 Personnel Read More
Ordinance 2023-05 Private Club PermitRead More
Ordinance 2023-06 Animal & FowlRead More
Ordinance 2023-07Read More
Ordinance 2023-08 Little Theatre Private ClubRead More
Ordinance 2023-09 Little Theatre 2023Read More
Ordinance 2023-10 rezone propertyRead More
Ordinance 2023-11 Competitive BiddingRead More
Ordinance 2023-12 Competitive Bidding Fire Read More
2023-15 Special Use Permit for Digital MiningRead More
2023-16 Amend title 7 Noise AttenuationRead More
2023-17 Planning MapRead More
2023-18 Amend title 7 & 7.24 Digital Asset MinersRead More
2023-13 Employment of Spouse Read More
2023-14 Amend act 851 Read More
Ordinance 2023-21 Opening Pay Pal AccountRead More
Ordinance 2023-22 Closing Account ARPARead More
Ordinance 2023-23 MOU MoonshineRead More
2023-24 Spending limits at CampgroundRead More
2023-25 Amending Chapter 3.04Read More
Ordinance 2023-20 Animal FinesRead More
Ordinance 2023-29 Alcoholic Beverage AmendedRead More
Ordinance 2023-30 Opening Bank accountRead More
Ordinance 2023-31 Transfer funds Read More
2023-04 PersonnelRead More
Ordinance 2023-05 VBC Read More
Ordinance 2023-06Read More
2023-13 Employment of SpouseRead More
2023-14 ACT 851 MP 1 Light IndustrialRead More
Ordinance 2023-24 Limiting spending City CampgroundRead More
Ordinance 2023-25 Amending Chapter 3.04Read More
Passed Ordinances 2024
Ordinance No. 2024-01: Approving Appointment Of Med. Assis. Chief of Fire Depart.Read More
Ordinance No. 2024-02: Approving Cont. Part-Time EmploymentRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-02-12: Prohibiting Spending of City FundsRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-03: Approving Cont. EmploymentRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-04: Vacating And ClosingRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-05: Imposing Limitations on City SpendingRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-06: Imposing Prohibition on Entry FeesRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-07: Approving AgreementRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-08: Approving Opening of New "Camp Spot"Read More
Ordinance No. 2024-09: Approving Opening of New AccountRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-10: Approving Agreement W/ ContractorsRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-11: Amending 2024 Budget OrdinanceRead More
Ordinance No. 2024-11-2: Approving Addendum Number 2Read More
Ordinance No. 2024-17: Approving Authorized VendorRead More
Working Documents 2022
Memorandum of Understandings 2023
MOU for OEM VBC City of Fairfield BayRead More
Working Documents 2024
Conference Center General Fund 2024Read More
September 11, 2023Read More
August 14, 2023Read More
August 30 2023Read More
September 5, 2023Read More
October 9, 2023 MeetingRead More
September 11, 2023 Regular MeetingRead More
October 2 ,2023 Special MeetingRead More
September 11 2023 MinutesRead More
October 2, 2023 MinutesRead More
October 9 2023 MeetingRead More
November 8, 2023 MinutesRead More
November 13 2023Read More
December 1 2023Read More
December MeetingRead More
Minutes 2022
1-31-2022Read More
1-10-2022Read More
1-10-2022- City Council Slide PresentationRead More
2-14-2022-City Council Slide PresentationRead More
2-28-2022 MinutesRead More
2-14-2022 MinutesRead More
3-14-2022 City Slide PresentationRead More
3-15-2022 Special MeetingRead More
4-11-2022 City Council SlidesRead More
3-14-2022 MinutesRead More
5-9-2022 City Council Slide PresentationRead More
4-11-2022 MinutesRead More
4-25-2022 Minutes Read More
5-9-2022 MinutesRead More
6-13-2022 City Council SlidesRead More
6-13-2022 MinutesRead More
7-11-2022 City Council SlidesRead More
7-11-22MinutesRead More
8-8-22 City Council Slide PresentationRead More
8-08-22 MinutesRead More
8-11-22 Special MeetingRead More
9-12-22 City Council Slide ShowRead More
9-12-2022 MinutesRead More
10-10-2022 City Council Slide PresentationRead More
Minutes 10-10-2022Read More
Minutes Special Meeting 10-19-2022Read More
City Council Slides 11-14-2022Read More
11-14-22Read More
City Council Slides 11-14-22Read More
Minutes Dec. 2022Read More
Agenda for Special Meeting Dec. 27th, 2022Read More
Dec 27 2022 MinutesRead More
April 24 2023 Special Meeting Minutes
Jan 04, 2023, Special Meeting MinutesRead More
January 09, 2023, City Council Meeting AgendaRead More
January 9, 2023, City Council Minutes Page OneRead More
January 9 2023 City Council Minutes Page 2Read More
February 13, 2023, City Council Meeting AgendaRead More
February 23, 2023, City Council Meeting AgendaRead More
March 13, 2023, City Council Meeting AgendaRead More
April City Council MeetingRead More
March 2023 Minutes Read More
May 2023 City Council MeetingRead More
April 10 2023 MinutesRead More
April 18 2023 Special MeetingRead More
April 24 2023 Special MeetingRead More
April 27 2023 Special MeetingRead More
May City Council meetingRead More
May 2023 Minutes Read More
March 8 2023 Regular MeetingRead More
May 8 City Council Read More
April 10 Regular MinutesRead More
April 18 2023 Special Meeting MinutesRead More
April 24 2023 Special Meeting MinutesRead More
Read More
April 27 2023 Special Meeting MinutesRead More
Read More
June City Council meeting Read More
May 2023 MinutesRead More
July 2023 City Council MeetingRead More
June 12 2023 MinutesRead More
August 2023 City Council MeetingRead More
Read More
July 10 2023 Regular Meeting MinutesRead More
July 24 Special meeting minutesRead More
July 27 2023 Special Meeting Read More
September 11, 2023 MeetingRead More
October 2, 2023 Special MeetingRead More
Dec. 11, 2023: City Council MinutesRead More
Minutes 2024
Jan. 08, 2024: City Council Agenda MeetingRead More
Jan. 12, 2024: Special Meeting AgendaRead More
Feb. 12, 2024: City Council MeetingRead More
Mar. 11, 2024: City Council Agenda MeetingRead More
Apr. 5, 2024: City Council MeetingRead More
Apr. 29, 2024: City Council Agenda MeetingRead More
Resolution 2023-16 Allowing Eclipse SignsRead More
Resolution 2023-17 MOU Moonshine Read More
Resolution 2023-18 Disposition of AssetsRead More
Resolution 2023-19 Appropriating FundsRead More
Resolution 2023-20 Long term lease with Community ClubRead More
Resolution 2023-21 2024 Millage VBC & Cleburne CountyRead More
Resolution 2023-22 Accepting DonationRead More
Resolution2023-23 Condemning Rainbow CourtRead More
2023-24 State Aid Grant Street Snead driveRead More
Resolution 2023-25 DonationRead More
Resolution 2023-26 Vacate RoadRead More
Resolution 2022
2022-01- Approval for hiring of structural engineering firmRead More
2022-02 Sale of asset (Fire)Read More
2022-03 Hiring of Construction ManagerRead More
2022-04 Senior CenterRead More
2022-05 City Policies and ProceduresRead More
2022-06 Special Events BudgetRead More
2022-07 Open Special Events Acct.Read More
2022-08 Transfer Funds from ARPA account to general accountRead More
2022-09 Deposit for Special EventsRead More
2022-10 VBC Hazard Mitigation planRead More
2022-11 Declare a public nuisance at 107 Fireside LaneRead More
2022-12 Declare a nuisance at 220 Chalet CircleRead More
2022-13 Declare a public nuisance at 108 Rainbow CourtRead More
2022-13A Energy Code UpdateRead More
2022-14-Plumbing Code UpdateRead More
2022-15 Mechanical Code UpdateRead More
2022-16 Electrical Code UpdateRead More
2022-17 Fire Prevention Code UpdateRead More
2022-18 Public Nuisance 113 Fireside LaneRead More
2022-19 Increase expenditures for health ins.Read More
2022-20 MOU for Special Event AppropriationsRead More
2022-21 Condemnation of 107 Fireside LaneRead More
2022-22 Condemnation 220 Chalet CircleRead More
2022-23 Fee Schedule for STR'sRead More
2022-24 Police Payroll TransferRead More
2022-25 Mapping ProgramRead More
2022-26 Generator for DPS/911Read More
2022-27 Budget Amendment- Cement repair by flagpoleRead More
2022-28 Alarm System Repair DPSRead More
2022-29 Police StipendRead More
2022-30 Grant to Department of Parks, Heritagea nd TourismRead More
2022-31 Conference Center Roof RepairRead More
2022-32 Condemnation of 113 Fireside LaneRead More
2022-33 Resolution for purchase of tables for conference centerRead More
2022-34 Resolution for purchase of lines for conference centerRead More
2022-35 Resolution for purchase of desk tables and stacking static chairsRead More
2022-36 Resolution for purchasing nesting chairs for conference centerRead More
2022-37 Resolution to set fees for short term rentalsRead More
2022-38 Resolution to approve the purchase of 2 police cars and one code enforcement vehiclesRead More
2022-39 Additional Roof Repair for Conference CenterRead More
2022-40 Paving and Striping at the DPS BuildingRead More
2022-41 Trade in and Remove 2017 Ford ExplorerRead More
2022-42 Purchase of 2008 Ladder Truck for Fire DepartmentRead More
2022-43 Codification of OrdinancesRead More
2022-44 Disposition of Computer at 911Read More
2022-45 Authorizing Sale of 2007 F450 AmbulanceRead More
2022-46 Transfer of ARPA funds for lost police revenueRead More
2022-47 Yearly Authorization of FFB Mileage Rate for property taxesRead More
2022-48 Allows the City to apply for 3 sewer grants on behalf of the Fairfield Bay Community ClubRead More
2022-49 Allows the City to lease a portion of the DPS building to Survival Flight Read More
2022-50 Resolution for the disposition of 3 -2015 ToughbooksRead More
2022-51 Resolution Approving the 2023 Van Buren County Ambulance ContractRead More
2022-52 Resolution Approving an Interlocal Agreement concerning Office of Emergency ManagementRead More
2022-53 Resoultion to send ordinances for codificationRead More
2022-54 Resoultion to retain tough booksRead More
2022-55 Move Generator to Survival Flight Air BuildingRead More
2022-56 Move generator to Survival Flight Air in 2023Read More
2022-57 Resolution approving the Public Facility Board Resolution 2022-01Read More
2022-58 Resolution Budget Amendment for Special Event 2023Read More
2022-59 Resolution to Transfer ARPA funds to general account as lost revenueRead More
Resolution 2023 -05 Skipped Number
2023-01 Resolution to accept anonymous donation animal shelterRead More
2023-02 Resolution to approve urban deer huntRead More
2023-03 Resolution city new time for regular city council meetingsRead More
2023-04 Resolution approving interlocal agreement with van buren countyRead More
Resolution 2023-06 MOU MoonshineRead More
Resolution 2023-07 Dedication of Lost CreekRead More
Resolution 2023-08 MOU We love VBCRead More
Resolution 2023-09 MOU Heart of the BayRead More
Resolution 2023-10 Sale of TruckRead More
Resolution 2023-11 Vehicle for PoliceRead More
Resolution 2023-12 Vehicle for FireRead More
Resolution 2023-13 new position for policeRead More
2023-14 Public Nuisance 108 Rainbow CourtRead More
2023-15 Removal of Asset Read More
2023-16 Signs for eclipseRead More
Resolutions 2024
Resolution No. 2024-01: Authorizing Sale of Fire Depart. FiretruckRead More
Resolution No. 2024-15: Authorizing Council LetterRead More